Election Night in the Deep South

Last night was another tragic election night in Mississippi. I voted with optimism, but the same thing happened that almost always happens.

We elected a governor who pretends to care about our state, while doing everything in his power to create a failing bastion of conservatism.

We voted against an amendment that would guarantee our children’s schools receive funding after being underfunded by $1.7 billion.

Worst of all, people are celebrating. People are happy that we continue to bask in our mediocrity while we fall farther and farther behind. People are happy and pat themselves on the back for not letting “One judge in Hinds County” decide the future of our educational system. People are happy we’re still a great conservative state, despite our state being the geographic equivalent of the “welfare queen” that people so despise.

There are a lot of things I love about Mississippi, but not this.

I’ve had an exceptional educational experience in this state. I went to a poor district until I was 11. I then transferred to one of the wealthiest schools in the state, and I completed my educational experience at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, where I received an education that rivals many other excellent programs in the country.

I was gifted this experience, I was gifted a chance at an excellent education. But I good education shouldn’t be an exceptional experience.

Amendment 42  would have made the state fund our schools. It would have created a situation where our state government would actually have to fund schools. A basic requirement, right?

Well, like all good things that could happen in this state, the Ole Boys Club got together and decided this was a bad idea. They even made the ballot confusing. Everything was riding against this.

I can’t say I’m surprised, but I was hopeful. I was hopeful that my state would see the value of its children. I was hopeful that maybe some good could come out of a bad state government.

But not today, it seems.

Phil Bryant being reelected is barely a surprise. His opponents were a truck driver who did no campaigning and someone from the Reform Party who I’ve literally never heard of. Phil Bryant is a glorified snake oil peddler who promises big talk, attends cross-raising ceremonies, and saying big words about how Mississippi is great while we sink ever so slowly into the sea.

The man is disgusting in so many ways.

He actively works to deprive his gay son of equality.

He spits out key phrases for the sake of saying buzz words.

He’s a general ne’er-do-well.

I could go on for days and days about how much this man frustrates me.

Today’s a sad day for Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “Election Night in the Deep South

  1. I sincerely feel for those in Mississippi who continue to be impacted by bad political choices and deeply misguided leaders. Education is key to improving things, and it’s sad to see what’s happening there. Thank you for the well written post to shed light on it all.


  2. I’m truly sorry. I do feel your pain. I reside in Kentucky. Kim Davis is no longer the most embarrassing news story anymore. It’s an apathetic electorate that allowed a weasel in the governor’s office. In fact, he’s already met with Mrs. Persecuted herself, and supports giving tax subsidies to Ken Ham. He’s promised to dismantle Medicaid and teachers pension funding. Everyone celebrated his picture as he prayed over a Bible today, and that’s really all that matters. Disgusting.


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