At that age of 92, Phyllis Schlafly is dead

I do not celebrate anyone’s death, but I will not sugar-coat their lives simply because they are dead.

Schlafly was a Catholic woman, famous for her cons800px-phyllis_schlafly_by_gage_skidmoreervative activism. She opposed feminism, and, unfortunately, successfully campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment.

She was anti-choice, she didn’t believe marital rape existed, and she believed same-sex
marriage was an abomination. Despite being a constitutional lawyer, she firmly believed that the primary role of women was to be a good wife and mother.

There is a quote that has been attributed to her, although I’ve yet to find the source. It says, “There will be a woman president over my dead body.” She lived to see so much of what she feared: women in combat zones, same-sex marriage, a proliferation of unisex bathrooms. At least she won’t have to see our first Madame President.

I wish her family peace in this time of mourning.



Photo by Gage Skidmore

2 thoughts on “At that age of 92, Phyllis Schlafly is dead

  1. Well said Holly.
    While I was still a fundamentalist, I remember hearing short audio statements from Ms. Schlafly on the radio quite regularly. To her credit, she was articulate, intelligent and clear spoken. But wrong.


    1. I remember Ms. Schlafly speaking to the Catholic Women’s group I belonged to in the late 60’s or 70’s. One particular statement she made was that when she had a newborn she stayed upstairs with the child for six weeks.Although a believer at the time, this bit info was not something I could relate as a mother of 3. Didn’t understand then, but I left that gathering with a creepy feeling. Get it now.

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