Long Time, No See: an Update and a Return

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Eight months is an eternity in blog years, so excuse me while I blow the dust off this ole girl and get her back to grinding.

A long overdue return

The post serves several purposes, the first of which is to remind you of my existence. Hello, it’s me—still Holly, a hair older and a wide variety of experiences wider.

The second is an apology. Over the past few years of blogging I have been very fortunate to surround myself with a wide variety of readers who come to me thanking me for my contributions to the bottomless sea of information that is the internet and providing me mountains of support and encouragement. During my unplanned writing hiatus, I feel like I’ve let you down. Here is my official apology in print: I’m sorry I stayed away for so long. But I’ve always had itchy fingers and miles to type before I sleep.

What this blog was

This blog was started in April of 2015 as a religion and politics blog, bouncing off of an opinion column I wrote for The Daily Mississippian at the University of Mississippi. From that post I became a guest contributor on Godless in Dixie and became a generally more vocal and active writer.

At the time, one of the biggest sources of conflict—both internally and externally—was my atheism. I’ve never been very good at moderation, so I took my fervent religious faith and converted to writing about the conflicts and frustrations of being an atheist in the very religious South. Beyond my faith, I was also very politically liberal in an ultra-conservative space. I took this frustration and produced content I was and am proud of.

A state of change

Leaving the United States for China has been a magnificent journey in and of itself, but this change has changed what this blog will look like in the future. Two years after the founding of this blog, I’m an atheist living in a predominantly non-religious country, a leftist in a country where politics are complicated and more nuanced than the average American would like to imagine.

Now, I’m fairly removed from the American political scene. I came to China before the Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and outdoorinauguration, so I’ve never lived in an America with President Trump. Likewise, writing about atheism in China is like writing about smog or traffic—it’s just a thing here, no one’s impressed (that said, I will certainly be writing about smog and traffic, I’m pretty sure they revoke your residence permit if you don’t complain about the air). I won’t comment on Chinese politics for several reasons, the foremost being my sheer ignorance.

What this blog will be

At this moment, I can’t say for certain what this blog will become. It’s certainly not a travel blog—my passport has nothing but Chinese visas. I don’t think it’s going to become an expat blog: I love China and I love living here, but I think people overplay the expat experience. My life in China will certainly come up, often and with great detail. But it’s more than just my life in China.

If I cared more about page views and branding myself, I’d take the time to sit and decide what this blog is and what it ought to be. But, ultimately, people have responded best to my honest outpouring of feeling and passion.

The future’s bright

So, let’s make a deal, beloved reader, I’ll write you some posts. I’ll tell you about China, my life, the glory of risky adventures, and maybe even a self-indulgent post or two spilling out some wisdom I accidentally picked up along the way. In return, you’ll read my words with popcorn, a laugh, and maybe a comment.

Sound good?

Let’s get back to work, I’ve missed you so.


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